Captive Radio

A documentary film about families of victims of kidnapping in Colombia who use a weekly radio program to communicate with their loved ones held hostage in the jungle.

Produced, directed, edited by Lauren Rosenfeld. Nominated for the 2012 International Documentary Association Awards.

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Forgotten Youth: Inside America’s Prisons

25-minute documentary about young inmates in adult prisons, produced by Lauren Rosenfeld for the award-winning series Fault Lines.

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Forgotten Youth: Inside America’s Prisons

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Survival Mode

25-minute documentary about the impacts of violence and trauma on children in Chicago’s most neglected neighborhoods, produced by Lauren Rosenfeld for the award-winning documentary series Fault Lines.

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Survival Mode

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Behind the Story: Nostalgia for the Light

Produced by Lauren Rosenfeld for the Center for Investigative Reporting

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Crisis Guide: Iran

Emmy Award Winner for New Approaches to News and Documentary Programming: Current News Coverage

Produced by Council on Foreign Relations and MediaStorm (producer, Lauren Rosenfeld)

View interactive: Crisis Guide: Iran

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Surviving the Peace

Produced by MediaStorm for Mines Advisory Group. Director of Photography: Rick Gershon, Nathan Golon; Producer: Rick Gershon; Executive Producer: Brian Storm; Associate Producer: Lauren Rosenfeld; Graphics: Jacky Myint, Tim Klimowicz

Watch film: Surviving the Peace



Rape in the Fields / Violación de un Sueño

This collaborative project between FRONTLINE, Univision, The Center for Investigative Reporting, and the Investigative Reporting Program uncovers the hidden price that many migrant women working in America’s fields and packing plants are paying to keep their jobs and provide for their families.

Watch the film in English: Rape in the Fields

En Español: Violación de un Sueño

Producer: Andres Cediel; Correspondent: Lowell Bergman; Associate Producer/Reporter: Lauren Rosenfeld   Full Credits



A Voice for Workers

A PBS FRONTLINE web exclusive video about Florida’s Fair Food Program, produced by Lauren Rosenfeld as part of the collaborative project, Rape in the Fields